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Il Pozzo di Giacobbe publishing house was founded in 2001 and in the less than a decade gained a relevant space in the Italian publishing market, which culminated in 2010. Since then, Il Pozzo di Giacobbe has become the first Italian publishing house for the quantity of titles published per year and excellent value for money of its publications, especially those ones dedicated to children.
The publishing house has developed its mission to combine religious identity and dialogue by proposing various collections of essays enhancing the history and traditions of Christianity, giving voice to innovative ideas and debates in the fields of Theology, Philosophy, and Sociology.

The Children’s Books Catalogue is the heart of Il Pozzo di Giacobbe’s editorial activity and represents our most established and fast growing division, which includes over 200 titles ranging from Bibles, stories of Saints, prayers books, stickers and activity books, all modern, colourful and simple for children to understand. Thanks to the synergy with the editorial group ’Il Sicomoro’ of Perugia, the publisher devoted its best energies to produce the richest and most interesting publications to accompany children along their unique and personal journey of faith.

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